SAFAA 2021 Hybrid Conference (May 2021)

The Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association Conference is fast approaching (Sydney, 20-21 May), & EARLY BIRD REGISTRATIONS close on 1st May.

I’ll be moderating the VIRTUAL Session “NAVIGATING THE PROFESSIONAL YEAR”. You can find the direct link to Conference Information at

The questions I always get asked by Licensees about the PY are:

* What’s involved in setting up a compliant Professional Year?
* How do we make it work – functionally & financially?

If YOU have ANY QUESTIONS you want answered, send me a DM or email and I’d be happy to work them in to the session.

As the Advice Industry starts to shift its focus from the FASEA Exam, the next FASEA Standard many are focusing on is HOW to IMPLEMENT a successful PROFESSIONAL YEAR (PY).

New Entrants to the industry are going to be its LIFEBLOOD, with some forecasting Adviser numbers to drop as low as 13,000 in the near term

For more info about the SAFAA Conference, contact Judith Fox or Silvana Eccles from the SAFAA to find out more.