FASEA Standards Newsletter (MAY 2021 Edition)

In our MAY 2021 Edition of our FASEA Standards Newsletter, we discuss:

Personal Insights: How to Stop Overthinking & Burning out

The Power of our Thoughts
Grappling with your thoughts will leave you even more entangled in worry.  A problem keeps popping up in your mind – for instance, constant regulatory change – and you just can’t stop dwelling on it, as you desperately try to find some meaning or solution.   


Advisers are underperforming on the SAME issues
Over 15,200 advisers have sat the exam with 9 in 10 having the skills to apply their knowledge of advice construction, ethics and legal requirements to the practical scenarios tested    

The Sensible Entrepreneur:  Professional Habits

Habits that Nourish Professional Growth
It’s more powerful to commit to habits that compose the professional and person you want to be than to pin down specific outcomes for the quarter or year

Professional Health:  Time Management Tips & Strategies

Time management strategies to get stuff done
Today, we’re constantly interrupted by tools, notifications, emails, social media. In our distraction economy, chaos has become the norm.

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