FASEA Standards Newsletter (MARCH 2021 Edition)

In the MARCH 2021 Edition of our FASEA Standards Newsletter, we discuss:

FASEA Exam:  Why can’t I PASS the FASEA Exam?

Preparation & Confidence is the Key
Over the past 18 months, I have had numerous conversations with financial advisers, accountants and stockbrokers who are beside themselves with fear – fear of not passing an exam, fear of not having a career, and fear of …   

Video:  Explaining the KEY SECTIONS of CORPS Act

Which SECTIONS should Advisers know?
Understand which sections of the Corps Act align to the personal advice process, & why it’s important to know the difference between PERSONAL & GENERAL advice, & FACTUAL information… 

Video:  FASEA Code of Ethics – Understanding the INTENT

Understanding INTENT of Standards & Values
In applying the FASEA Code of Ethics during the FASEA Exam, it is important to understand the intent of each VALUE & STANDARD of the Code…   

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