FASEA Standards Newsletter (JUNE 2021 Edition)

In our JUNE 2021 Edition of our FASEA Standards Newsletter, we discuss:

Decision making is the most powerful cognitive tool we possess.  Developing a ‘personal decision making framework (DMF)’ is crucial to achieving the outcomes you want, quality of life, fulfillment, happiness, and success (as defined by you).  A personal DMF directly influences your ideal balance between income, impact, meaning, purpose and freedom (professional and personal)”. 

Joel Ronchi

The Professional Mindset

3 Life Lessons I Learned from my near death experience  on the mighty Zambezi River (Africa) & how to apply them in your Business

I still vividly remember looking skywards through the raging waters of the Zambezi River as I found myself underneath the flipped jetboat I’d been in skimming across the rapids, only moments before.

Industry Insights

Professional Practice:     How to write a Shorter SOA

Prunning an SOA to ensure it’s a “healthy” read
An SoA needs to be trimmed to ensure unnecessary foliage detracting from its purpose is removed, leaving only a perfectly manicured document for your user to understand and appreciate.

FASEA Standards:     Will Standard 3 & Standard 6 be re-written?

FASEA may seek further consultations

FASEA has committed to consulting on the contentious Standard 3, with calls to review Standard 6 also, before it is wound up at the end of 2021.  

FASEA Exam:     Risky Business – the “Career Break” loophole

Can a “career break” give you more time to pass?

Existing advisers who are “ceased” & not passed the FASEA exam by the end of 2021 but are re-authorised to provide financial advice after 1 January, 2022, will not be classified as a new entrant

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