FASEA Standards Newsletter (FEBRUARY 2021 Edition)

In the FEBRUARY 2021 Edition of our FASEA Standards Newsletter, we discuss:

ASIC Wins:  Westpac loses “personal advice” case in High Court

When a marketing campaign becomes advice
Westpac claimed the conversations between its personnel and the superannuation fund members fell within the framework of general advice. The High Court disagreed.

New Entrants / Advisers:  Career Pathways – the ‘old’ is ‘new’ again

Paraplanners as a pathway to Professional Year
Demand for skilled paraplanners has increased significantly as advisers deal with soaring admin time in the face of regulatory change 

In Practice:  Financial Advisers need to think like ENTREPRENUERS

Time for Financial Advisers to ask “Why”
Why did I first get in to financial planning? Why am I completing the FASEA Exam and FASEA Higher Education requirements? Indusrtry change offers opportunity to ask “why”.  

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