FASEA Exam Tips

Preparation is the KEY to SUCCESS when it comes to the FASEA Exam

Here are some Exam Tips from Advisers who sat the June, September & December FASEA Exam intakes:

* Exam Tip #1: TIME MANAGEMENT have a strategy going in. Are you going to use the reference materials for each question, OR are you going to answer them from your own knowledge (on first run through)?  The benefit of using the latter strategy is that you may gain insights from later questions to help answer earlier ones, and you avoid the risk of getting “bogged down” in the resources early in the exam.

Exam Tip #2: Use Ctrl+F – do you know how to use it? You’d be surprised how many people do not!  Practice searching PDF documents for key words prior to sitting the FASEA Exam.

Exam Tip #3: SINGLE SCREEN Practice – the exam is completed on a single desktop screen. When was the last time you used ONLY 1 SCREEN? It’s worthwhile doing some practice

Exam Tip #4: DON’T OVERTHINK IT – often Advisers will say “Go with your gut which is you first response – often it’s the correct one!”

Exam Tip #5: READ, READ & READ some more – we are all TIME POOR. Use your PREPARATION TIME by finding ways to filter through the noise of the THOUSANDS of PAGES of suggested readings.  A FASEA Exam Preparation Program can be an effective tool for this.

* Exam Tip #6: Read the Exam questions CAREFULLY – make sure you understand WHAT the question is trying to assess (whether you agree with the question or not!)  It is always surprising to see how many Financial Advisers who complete our Online FASEA Practice Exam read the questions incorrect and, therefore, provide an incorrect answer. 

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