FASEA Exam (Video) – Remote Proctoring Explained

FASEA Exam – Remote Proctoring EXPLAINED

FASEA (& ACER the Exam Administrator) have released the “Remote Proctoring Step by Step Guide” which provides remote exam candidates with information about how the proctoring process works and how the personal information of candidates will be collected, stored and used.

In the VIDEO BELOW, I explain how Advisers can use the Guide to determine if they are comfortable sitting the exam using by REMOTE PROCTORING. The video also LOOKS at the FASEA EXAM PLATFORM and the OPEN BOOK RESOURCES that may be available, and how to VIEW & SEARCH the resources.

I’ve spoken to a few Advisers who undertook the FASEA April Exam, some who had failed and some who had passed, and the general consensus was:

  • the Proctoru system was fine and didn’t have any issues;
  • one Adviser expressed to me that it was a little daunting getting everything ready beforehand and hoping it would work, and he could see why some people would be put off by it if they aren’t familiar with computers;
  • even though they had no issues with internet connection, they were unsure what would have happened and how it would have impacted them if the internet failed or stalled during the session.  FASEA briefly spoke to this today in the Professional Standards “Licensee Virtual Summit”;
  • the only thing mentioned (the ‘Ugly’) is the fact that Advisers are not permitted to got to the toilet during the exam, so you have to be prepared to hold on for 3.5 hours if required. 😊

I sense it’s more the expectation or fear of something going wrong mid-exam that worries most Advisers, and that those who have undertaken the Proctor process have found it fine.  In fact, not having to travel to an exam centre is seen as an advantage for some.

2 thoughts on “FASEA Exam (Video) – Remote Proctoring Explained”

  1. Phillip Nolan

    Hi Joel, we last spoke on 12 May. I have enrolled in your master class. I sat the exam in March 21 and was unsuccessful. At age 69 it is many years since I have sat an exam. My eyesight is not what is was when I was 30. I found the exam room intimidating and the computer monitor supplied by Acer to be small and not clear. I am enrolled for the exam in July and for the above reasons I am considering sitting the exam by remote proctoring at my office in Sydney where I have a good quality 24″ monitor. Please comment. Regards Phillip Nolan

    1. Joel Ronchi

      Remote proctoring is a good way of completing the exam, provided you red hte Step by Step guide from FASEA / ACER about what you need to do prior to the exam.

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