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"Hey Joel, I just need to tell you I passed my FASEA exam. I want to tell you how much I really appreciated your support through it. Hooking up with you and myIntegrity really made the difference. It was without doubt the best decision I made. Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have passed without you (and the myIntegrity program). More, most financial planners work alone or in small partnerships. You were able to provide some much needed personal support and confidence boosting comments, just when I needed them most. You really made the difference to my exam preparations. I can remember you sending me an email just before I sat the exam where you said something along the lines of “You’ll be ok. Just knock it out of the ball park!” For some reason, that phase really lifted my spirits and at various time, particularly when I was waiting two hours for the Proctoring session to get started, I thought of it a couple of times and it really helped me settle and focus...I would to say to anyone, particularly older advisers like myself, that they really need to team up with yourself and take the extra steps to prepare for the exam. Again I really appreciate your forbearance through it all and support in getting me through. The best(est) wishes. 😊"
Patricia H. - FASEA Exam Masterclass (Webinar) Program (with Learner Guide & Practice Exam)
Director & Financial Planner, (VIC)
"Thank you for providing the excellent FASEA Exam Preparation Program. I am pleased to let you know that I received a "Pass" on today's June result release! 🙂 I am really so happy and couldn't believe that I've made it! ...the good thing is I've passed the exam ...I wanted to send you a "BIG THANK YOU" note for helping out. Without your tutoring service, it would be very hard for me. I was confused in understanding the intent and expectation of the exam before I enrolled into your program. I had made the right decision to go for it. The program was so concise, straight to the main points. Materials were so well presented and easy to read and understand. Overall, not only it helped with the exam but I also found myself acquiring new knowledge. I will definitely spread the word when I have a chance. Thank you again. :)"
Uyen D. - FASEA Exam Masterclass (Webinar) Program (with Learner Guide & Practice Exam)
Financial Planner, (NSW)
"Hi Joel, Just a quick note of thanks (I passed the Exam!). Your FASEA course was instrumental in reducing the noise and making me focus on what matters most. Thank you once again."
Luke E. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass (Webinar) Program
Director & Financial Adviser (VIC)
"Hi Joel, A sigh of relief this morning with getting my PASS result for the Exam. Just thought I would send you an little “thank you” for your class, exam prep material and assistance 😊"
Lyndal A. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass (Webinar) Program
Practice Principal / CFP (VIC)
"Hey mate Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED my FASEA Exam 😊 Thanks once again for your assistance."
Dennis K. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass (Webinar) Program
Senior Financial Adviser (VIC)
"Good morning Joel I’m writing to let you know I passed my FASEA exam – your program helped me immensely."
Kerrie H. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass (Webinar) Program
Financial Adviser (VIC)
"Hi Joel I received good news today that I passed the FASEA June exam. Thanks for your help with the course content and discussions held, much appreciated."
Steve D. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass (Webinar) Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel Thanks for assistance with exam, I found the program, hot list, and exam a great way to prepare. The actual FASEA exam were in the similar subject areas that you outlined in your course, so I felt relatively prepared. For future attendees, I would say that there were a number of ‘trick’ questions in exam where things were written in small print, or question designed to ‘throw you off’ so I would recommend read through EVERYTHING!! The other issue I had with Proctor U Sitting was how long it took to download exam and set everything up, which was nearly an hour from start time. If others are doing Proctor U going forward, allow extra time."
Emma D. - FASEA Exam Only Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel, Thank you. I thought the course and material were really good... doing your course all online and at a quick pace was really good and convenient for me. Thanks."
Libby H. - FASEA Exam Prep Online Study Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel - I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help with the course. I found the material very relevant and useful. The webinars excellent. The practice exam really honed in on the particular aspects of the FASEA learning outcomes. This gave me confidence going into the exam that I had a solid grounding in the learning outcomes. What was most impressive was your responsiveness. Nothing was too much and you always responded to my many questions with precision and great explanation. Thank you very much. Overall not only did I feel my knowledge base was broadened for the exam but overall as an Adviser."
Joe H - FASEA Exam Prep MASTERCLASS Program
Financial Adviser & Practice Principal (VIC)
"Hi Joel - I found the practice exam to be fantastic preparation for the FASEA exam as completing it made me aware of how easy it is to lose track of time. It also helped make evident areas I needed to further study. If anything, I found that the practice questions referenced a lot to specific sections of law, which I have not heard this is done in the FASEA exam. I would recommend taking part in any of the myIntegrity courses to anyone preparing to sit the FASEA exam. Thank you for providing such useful study guidance/materials."
Daniella C. - FASEA Exam Module (Practice)
Financial Adviser (SA)
"Hi Joel, I received my results back yesterday (I passed! - April FASEA Exam) and just wanted to thank you for the course! I couldn’t have done it without you."
Carey D - FASEA Exam Masterclass Program
Financial Adviser (QLD)
"Overall I think if I was to prepare any better for the exam, I would advise others to do the master guide (your Online Study Program option) and sit your exam, and then spend a lot of time on the fasea standards and testing yourself on which standard is breached and how they apply to a case. The standards will really unlock the entire exam...thanks for the help and the course and exam. The exam and feedback was very beneficial."
Adam. S - FASEA Exam Only Program
Financial Adviser (QLD)
Hi Joel, Hope you are well. I am writing to you to thank you for going the extra mile with me In the last preparation for the February Fasea exam. Ii helped enormously and I passed😊. Thankyou
Gavin - FASEA Exam Only Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel - Thank you to Integrity Education for the comprehensive exam preparation course. The course is very well structured, you can work at your own pace, and are able to print the comprehensive summary material which is invaluable in helping you prepare for the exam. The practise exam and full feedback is brilliant as it increases your confidence in answering some of the more “ambiguous” questions you will face in the actual FASEA sitting. Worth every penny! Well done Team."
Chris C. - FASEA Exam Prep Online Study Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel - just a quick note of thanks for the preparation course, which I have no doubt gave me peace of mind about completing the FASEA Exam successfully. After the session with you, and completing your Practice Exam, there is no doubt I was more calm, better prepared, and relaxed, when it came to the real thing.”
Andrew H. - FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass Program
Principal & Financial Advise (WA)
"I have completed the practice FASEA exam through myIntergity. I must say its very very close to the actual exam. The only difference is the trick questions that FASEA imbed within the exam to throw advisers off and waste valuable time. (myIntegrity does not do this). This was an excellent practice exam and was very close to the real thing. Anyone doing this course will be very well prepared for the exam."
Peter B - FASEA Exam Online Study Program
Financial Adviser & Practice Principal (NSW)
"Hi Joel - Yes, I can happily confirm that I passed the exam and that’s all my FASEA commitments finished now having also recently completed the Ethics bridging subject. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again Joel as going through your reading materials and doing the practice exam under realistic exam conditions, together with the fantastic short answer questions feedback, all was tremendously beneficial to me in feeling prepared. I’ve spoken to a number of ex colleagues at AMP Advice and happily recommended you and your company to at least half a dozen of them. Keep up the great work Joel. I was really impressed with your proactivity and commitment to getting the answers I needed in a pretty short turnaround time. You are one of the good guys and leaders that this industry desperately needs and I wish you all the best."
Greg W. - FASEA Exam Module (Practice)
Financial Adviser (VIC)
"I would just like to say that the myIntegrity practice exam was extremely helpful for me. I sat the Dec exam and found that I was much more prepared as to what to expect on the day from completing your course. Thank you for having this available for advisers to refer to. I have encouraged other advisers that are yet to do the exam to use your site."
Cyndy M - FASEA Exam Module (Practice)
Financial Adviser (QLD)
"Thanks Joel. I did pass the exam – I came out of it thinking that I had done ok and would have been surprised to fail. I am pleased that I did your course – it certainly helped me understand much more than I would have, had I just relied on the FASEA reading list. I really appreciated you narrowing down the areas of the legislation. The practice exam was useful ... (and) identified quite a few gaps in my knowledge so that was very useful preparation for the real exam."
Fraser - FASEA Exam Online Study Program
Financial Adviser & Practice Principal (VIC)
"I did find this course very handy in terms of providing good specific focus on what is required to be known to get through FASEA Exam... this course is very useful and provided me with a very good structure of information to ensure I had covered what was required to be known in the FASEA exam. Most importantly though – in my opinion – is the practice exam. The practice exam from these guys is very much like doing the real thing. Same format, same length, same reference material and also provided through an on-line format – just the same as you need to do with FASEA. I am not aware of any of the other prep courses providing this sort of comprehensive practice exam – and I found doing the practice exam extremely useful for getting familiar to Volume 4 of the Corps act under exam conditions and navigating around that body of work – so that during the real exam, I was not freaking out trying to find stuff. Additionally, from what I have seen available elsewhere, the practice exam provided by myIntegrity was the most similar to the FASEA exam in terms of depth and breadth of the real exam. Although the practice exam does NOT contain the same level of ambiguous question that I encountered during my FASEA exam. I did not find the practice exams provided by FASEA to be of any practical use in terms of preparing for the exam. I would have no problem recommending that an adviser attend the preparation course in order to put them in the best position to pass the FASEA Exam."
Aaron R-C - FASEA Exam Preparation 1 DAY WORKSHOP Program
Wealth Adviser (WA)
"Hi Joel - Thanks for your help in the FASEA exam preparation. The workshop and the course material was very useful and helped us to prepare and pass the exam. All 3 of us have passed and are very happy. I think the structure of the workshop and the notes along with the resources on the portal and the practice exam are all structured very well and definitely if any one just focuses on that, should be able to easily pass the exam."
Dinesh - FASEA Exam Preparation 1 DAY WORKSHOP Program​
Founder & Principal Adviser (WA)
"Hi Team, thank you so much for all the feed back (on my Practice Exam)! – it was really good information! – I really feel that this course has helped me to prepare for this exam, I feel a lot more confident about doing it now."
Cyndy - FASEA Practice Exam Module
Financial Advisers (NSW)
"Hi Joel, I did a few of the exam type practice options. Yours was good and helpful. I found yours was harder than Kaplan and more in closer to real experience. Cannot think where you can improve or change. Yours is a good mix of the true/false, short answer and multi choice. You were also prompt in marking it just before I sat the exam which I appreciated."
Paul B.- FASEA Practice Exam Module
Practice Principal, CFP (VIC)
"As a person that is not completely familiar with the requirements that were necessary in order to complete and successfully pass the FASEA exam I have found that supporting documentation and the ability of being able to test that understanding through the practice exam supplied by myIntegrity invaluable. Joel and his team were amazing. The practice exam identified some areas that I needed to go back over and some other areas that I had omitted to study. It was excellent and the follow-up support and answers provided by Joel and his team were lengthy, descriptive and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking at providing themselves with the necessary confidence needed for their upcoming FASEA exam. I appreciate your support and professionalism. Thank you very much..."​
P.D. - FASEA Exam Online Study Program (with Learner Guide & Practice Exam)
Financial Planner, (QLD)
"Hi Joel, Thanks for this. I thought the practice exam was on the money."
Peter D - FASEA Prep Online Study Program
Financial Adviser & Partner (NSW)
"Hi Joel Just wanted to let you know that I got my results from my FASEA test on the 9th December. Pass 😀 Wouldn't have got through without your practice test. Thanks so much."
Gemma - FASEA Practice Exam Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"I thought the workshop was beneficial and has given me a lot of insights into the FASEA exam. The practice exam was beneficial too. It looks a lot like the actual exam that the FASEA video shown, such as navigating through the questions and accessing resources. It's helped me prepare for the exam next Monday and learning to manage my time as well."
Tam H. - FASEA Exam Prep Workshop
Superannuation Adviser, Industry Super (VIC)
"Joel was really helpful in understanding the exam platform, on how to answer case study, and gave detail idea on how to aim to use exam time to answers all questions. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other people."
Sapana A. - FASEA Exam Prep Workshop
Financial Adviser (QLD)
“We recently had Joel present a very informative FASEA presentation to our Advisers at our PD Day. The session was the most highly ranked and most valuable topic conducted on the day. All our Advisers enjoyed it and it was a very interactive session. We look forward to working with Joel on our FASEA requirements moving forwards.”
Stuart Abley, Executive Director - Wealth Solutions
Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited
AFS Licence 234666
“Joel Ronchi recently presented to our national adviser team and his knowledge on the FASEA requirements is exceptional. We all found Joel to be approachable and highly skilled in all things FASEA. The team is looking forward to working closely with Joel in the months ahead!”
Rudi Haddad, Head of Practice Management & Technical Advice Delivery
Wealth Market
AFS Licence 482898
"I think it prepared me well for the exam... (and) I was very impressed with the feedback received on the short answer questions."
Vito D. - FASEA Practice Exam Module
CFP, Financial Adviser, Financial Coach (VIC)
"I would recommend it because I found it really informative and the hot list is great as it breaks it down for you as there is a lot of information to take in."
Rebecca P. - FASEA Exam Prep Workshop
Financial Adviser (QLD)
"Hi Joel, Thanks for coming in last week, the feedback received was excellent and everyone left feeling much more prepared with what to expect for the exam."
Libby M. - FASEA Practice Exam Module
Operation Manager, Financial Advice Practice (QLD)
"Thanks Joel. Did the test on Saturday. Felt comfortable with it although some answers I now would have picked differently and some were very ambiguous or depended on individual interpretation of the questions. Would definitely say that yours was more difficult. I had to look a lot up with yours however didn't need to look up in the actual exam."
Amanda P. - FASEA Exam Prep Workshop
Financial Planner (NSW)