FASEA Exam – CEO of ProctorU explains security

Many Financial Adviser are embracing the relatively quiet time at the moment and are pushing forward to sit the FASEA Exam in June. With more information about the Proctoring Service being highlighted in the media, a sense of comfort and trust in the process is emerging. As I mention in this article “This is the reality and the whole pandemic has forced a rethink of how everything’s done.”

For anyone who would like to “see behind the curtain”, I have put together a short video based the FASEA/ACER “Remote Proctoring Step by Step Guide” on the explain how Advisers can use the Guide to determine if they are comfortable sitting the exam using by REMOTE PROCTORING. 

The video also LOOKS at the FASEA EXAM PLATFORM and the OPEN BOOK RESOURCES that may be available, and how to VIEW & SEARCH the resources.

Watch VIDEO: https://myintegrity.com.au/fasea-exam-remote-proctoring-explained/ 

READ ARTICLE “ProctorU boss moves to quell FASEA exam concerns”

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