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FASEA Practice Exam

Online, Timed & Individual Feedback

Are you ready to test your knowledge BEFORE the real thing?

Sit a ‘real life’ online Practice Exam designed with the same look, feel and structure as the Official FASEA Exam. 

You receive all the FASEA recommended readings, and individual assessment feedback so you can identify any knowledge gaps to enhance your preparation to sit the actual FASEA Exam.

Benefits of the Practice Exam

Exam Scenarios & Questions

78 questions – 64 multiple choice questions (MCQ) & at least 14 short answer questions requiring written responses.

Individual Assessment Feedback

Our team of Industry Expert Assessors provide you with individual assessment feedback provided so you can identify any knowledge ‘gaps’.

'Real Life" Exam Environment

Online, 3.5 hours timed practice exam, which includes 15 minutes reading time and access to 'limited resources' in line with the real Exam.


Our online FASEA Practice Exam is designed to have as closely as possible the same look, feel, and structure as that of the FASEA Exam.

Financial Adviser Reviews

Hear what other Professionals have to say about our Practice Exam…

"Most importantly though – in my opinion – is the comprehensive practice exam. The practice exam from these guys is very much like doing the real thing. Same format, same length, same reference material and also provided through an on-line format – just the same as you need to do with FASEA. I found doing the practice exam extremely useful for getting familiar under exam conditions and navigating around that body of work – so that during the real exam, I was not freaking out trying to find stuff. "
Financial Adviser - WA
"The practice exam identified some areas that I needed to go back over and some other areas that I had omitted to study. It was excellent and the follow-up support and answers provided by Joel and his team were lengthy, descriptive and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking at providing themselves with the necessary confidence needed for their upcoming FASEA exam."
Financial Adviser - QLD
"I thought the workshop was beneficial and has given me a lot of insights into the FASEA exam. The practice exam was beneficial too. It looks a lot like the actual exam that the FASEA video shown, such as navigating through the questions and accessing resources. It's helped me prepare for the exam next Monday and learning to manage my time as well."
Financial Adviser - VIC