Financial Adviser Exam Masterclass (Learning Materials)

FASEA Exam Prep Course
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                                   ASIC Financial Adviser Exam Masterclass 


  • 8 hours of video covering key knowledge topics such as Corps Act, Code of Ethics, AML, Privacy, Client Biases, and more.
  • Learner Guide and Appendices aligned to the video content so you can deep dive into any areas you need to brush up on.
  • Online Practice Exam with 75 MCQs and T/F questions.

Testimonials from Financial Advisers

The Masterclass Program includes a full “ONLINE Practice Exam” with the same look, feel, and framework as the real ASIC Exam. You receive individual assessment feedback on the PRACTICE EXAM to fast-track your learning.

It is important to start your preparation early so that you feel confident going into the day.

We explore tools and strategies to use which include a study plan, formulating a mental plan on how best to complete the Exam, dealing with anxiety, and dealing with specific types of exam questions.  The Exam Prep Course uses a strategic ‘waterfall’ philosophy based on the Exam structure itself.

Preparation is the key to successfully completing the Adviser Exam. Over the last 3 years, myIntegrity has developed the signature “3 Pillars of Preparation” approach to sitting the exam which includes:

  • Knowledge – know the core content and be prepared to learn; not as an expert that is forever reading, but enough to be able to apply the knowledge in practice.
  • Practice – daily practice of reflection to reinforce the knowledge learned. This includes continually questioning the information, examining it, seeing how it applies to hypothetical scenarios, and what it prompts you to think. The idea is to not simply passively accept information, but rather interrogate it so it becomes learned knowledge.
  • Mindset – control, persistence, & focus; know what is within your control & what is not. Research to discover insights and be mentally prepared for any obstacles or hurdles that may unexpectedly arise.

SNEAK PEEK – Webinar Session 1: Exam Tips, Corporations Act, & Financial Advice Construction

This is a sample recording from our Exam Prep Masterclass Webinar in which we delve in to the Exam and how it’s constructed, investigate and review helpful Exam Tips, the Corporations Act, and Financial Advice Construction.