Canaccord – FASEA Exam Masterclass Program (March 2021)

FASEA Exam Preparation Program
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FASEA Exam Prep Masterclass

With the Masterclass Program, you receive all the resources & benefits of the Online Study Program, with the enhanced learning outcomes from a ‘Peer Supported’ workshop environment. Importantly, this Masterclass Program includes a full “ONLINE Practice Exam” with the same look, feel and framework as the real FASEA Exam. You receive individual assessment feedback on the PRACTICE EXAM to fast-track your learning.

It is important to start your preparation early so that you feel confident going in to the day. We will explore tools and strategies to use which include a study plan, formulating a mental plan on how best to complete the Exam, dealing with anxiety, and dealing with specific types of exam questions.  The Exam Prep Course uses a strategic ‘waterfall’ philosophy based on the FASEA Exam structure itself. The framework is simple and easy to follow:

  • Scenario based practice exam questions designed to match the “look and feel” of the actual FASEA Exam. This includes:
    • 64 Multiple Choices questions (MCQ) and/or True/False questions (T/F),
    • at least 6 Short Answer questions (SAQ).
  • Content and resources covering the 3 key knowledge areas identified by FASEA, and aligned to the FASEA nominate assessable learning outcomes
  • Suggested reading list supported by ‘extension’ reading as suggested by FASEA
  • HOT Reading List which is a curated list of suggested readings targeted towards key aspects of the Exam, based on feedback from Financial Advisers who have actually sate the official FASEA Exam
  • Tips on how to prepare before the exam , and how to approach the different the structure of the exam
  • Unique strategies to deal with and approach completion of MCQs, with practice questions under exam conditions
  • Strategy to focus on key aspects of the knowledge areas through completion of practice Case Study style SAQs
  • Practice Exam – test yourself under “exam conditions” 

*myIntegrity in Practice (myIP) does not guarantee an individual will pass FASEA’s Financial Adviser Examination as a result of attending an exam preparation workshop.