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Designed to raise educational & ethical standards to improve trust in financial planning

Financial Adviser Exam Prep Programs

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Financial Adviser Code of Ethics

The VALUES & STANDARDS all Financial Advisers must adhere to as a Professional

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Financial Advisers, Financial Planners, Stockbrokers, & anyone authroisd to provide personal advice must pass the Financial Adviser Exam as part of the Professional Standards for Financial Adviser.  

myIntegrity in Practice offers specialist Exam Preparation Courses based on ASIC’s Curriculum and Recommended Reading List

FASEA Exam Practice Questions

Financial Adviser Practice Exam

Ideal if you simply want to sit a PRACTICE EXAM and do not need any learning materials, videos, etc – this ptions is for people who are exam ready and jsut want to complete a Practice Exam.

FASEA Exam Prep Course

Financial Adviser Exam Masterclass (Learning Materials)

Want a fully curated learning exerpience that includes LEARNER GUIDES, 8 HOURS of VIDEO, and other materials to help you filter out the noise and allow you to focus on what you need to know to pass the exam? Then this is the option for you!

"Hi Joel - Yes, I can happily confirm that I passed the exam and that’s all my commitments finished now having also recently completed the Ethics bridging subject. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again Joel as going through your reading materials and doing the practice exam under realistic exam conditions, together with the fantastic short answer questions feedback, all was tremendously beneficial to me in feeling prepared. I’ve spoken to a number of ex colleagues at AMP Advice and happily recommended you and your company to at least half a dozen of them. Keep up the great work Joel. I was really impressed with your proactivity and commitment to getting the answers I needed in a pretty short turnaround time. You are one of the good guys and leaders that this industry desperately needs and I wish you all the best."
Greg W. - Exam Module (Practice)
Financial Adviser (VIC)
"Hi Joel - Thank you to Integrity Education for the comprehensive exam preparation course. The course is very well structured, you can work at your own pace, and are able to print the comprehensive summary material which is invaluable in helping you prepare for the exam. The practise exam and full feedback is brilliant as it increases your confidence in answering some of the more “ambiguous” questions you will face in the actual exam sitting. Worth every penny! Well done Team."
Chris C. - Exam Prep Online Study Program
Financial Adviser (NSW)
"Hi Joel - just a quick note of thanks for the preparation course, which I have no doubt gave me peace of mind about completing the Exam successfully. After the session with you, and completing your Practice Exam, there is no doubt I was more calm, better prepared, and relaxed, when it came to the real thing.”
Andrew H. - Exam Prep Masterclass Program
Principal & Financial Advise (WA)
"I did find this course very handy in terms of providing good specific focus on what is required to be known to get through Exam... this course is very useful and provided me with a very good structure of information to ensure I had covered what was required to be known in the exam. Most importantly though – in my opinion – is the practice exam. The practice exam from these guys is very much like doing the real thing. Same format, same length, same reference material and also provided through an on-line format – just the same as you need to do with the real exam. I am not aware of any of the other prep courses providing this sort of comprehensive practice exam – and I found doing the practice exam extremely useful for getting familiar to Volume 4 of the Corps act under exam conditions and navigating around that body of work – so that during the real exam, I was not freaking out trying to find stuff. Additionally, from what I have seen available elsewhere, the practice exam provided by myIntegrity was the most similar to the exam in terms of depth and breadth of the real exam. Although the practice exam does NOT contain the same level of ambiguous question that I encountered during my exam. I would have no problem recommending that an adviser attend the preparation course in order to put them in the best position to pass the Exam."
Aaron R-C - Exam Preparation 1 DAY WORKSHOP Program (with online PRACTICE EXAM)
Wealth Adviser (WA)
"As a person that is not completely familiar with the requirements that were necessary in order to complete and successfully pass the exam I have found that supporting documentation and the ability of being able to test that understanding through the practice exam supplied by myIntegrity invaluable. Joel and his team were amazing. The practice exam identified some areas that I needed to go back over and some other areas that I had omitted to study. It was excellent and the follow-up support and answers provided by Joel and his team were lengthy, descriptive and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking at providing themselves with the necessary confidence needed for their upcoming exam. I appreciate your support and professionalism. Thank you very much..."

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